Author Brochure
This project is to be completed by 6th grade library classes. This project is due the week of April 21, 2008 and is worth 24 points.

Project Requirements:

  1. Brochure must be two-sided (front and back) on 8 1/2" by 11" paper, but can be laid out in any way
  2. Author's name must be on the front of the brochure
  3. Brochure must contain at least two graphics
  4. Brochure must include information about the author's life, books, and awards
  5. Brochure may be typed, but can be neatly hand written
  6. At least two sources of information must be used. (You can use more.)
  7. Your name and LA teacher must be on the brochure
  8. Rubric must be turned in and starred items completed
  9. A bibliography worksheet for each source should be completed and turned in with your brochure.

Here is the Rubric for this project:

So how did you do? Here's a self evaluation:

Project Templates
Use either of these templates to help you create your brochure. You will need to change the graphics so that they have something to do with your author. You can also change the fonts if you'd like. You do not have to use these templates. You make your brochure any way you want.

Tri-fold Brochure
(Requires Microsoft Publisher)

Bi-fold Brochure
(Requires Microsoft Word)