Russia =Bibliography Project=

This wikispace has been created by Mrs. G.'s 6th grade language arts classes.

Project participants: Please complete this self evaluation by Friday, May 30, 2008.

Listen to this!

Posted May 18, 2008. This podcast contains last minute tips for getting the project done.

Posted May 12, 2008. This podcast talks about due dates, Part IV, The table of contents, and the division of work.

Posted May 3, 2008. This podcast talks about the history tab and due dates for Part III.

Posted April 16, 2008. This podcast talks about the discussion tab and Part IV.

Project Overview

Students will work in groups to create a wikispace that will serve as a bibliography for the topic of their choice. Each student will need to contribute two unique sources and provide accurate bibliographic information for each source. Each entry for the source should be formatted according to MLA.

Project Documents

In order to participate in this project each student will agree to the terms of the following contract. Each student should sign a copy of the contract and return it to Mrs. S. in order to receive hs or her password.

The Assignment

Note: This assignment will change as we work on the project. Be sure to check back often (at least once a week.) If you have questions about the assignment post them in the discussion tab up above. I will check the discussion tab often.

Part I

Create a New Page and a Place Holder.

1. Each group should create a new page by clicking on the "New Page" link on the top left. (Right under the Bookbird Icon)
2. When asked to enter the name of your new page, name it what ever your topic is. Check your spelling and then click "Create." You will automatically be taken to the page in edit mode.
3. Create a place holder that says "This page contains resources about_" Fill in the blank with your topic.
4. Click Save.
5. Check your work. You're done with Part I.
6. Sign out if you are not going on to Part II.

Part II

Link your page to the Bibliography Project.

1. Start on this page.
2. Click the edit this page button.
3. Use the down arrow or scroll down to the topic list.
4. Type in your topic. (The topic list should be in alphabetical order. If there are other topics listed make sure that you put your topic in the correct location without erasing someone else's topic.)
5. Highlight your topic that you just typed.
6. Click on the link button in the toolbar above.
7. Choose Wiki Link. The space name should say 'bookbird"
8. Next to page name, use the drop down menu to find your page that you created in Part I.
9. Click "ok"
10. Click Save.
11. Check you work. Make sure the link that you created takes you to your wiki page. You're done with Part II.
12. Sign out if you are not going on to Part III.

* Can you figure out a way to "cheat" on Part II? There's an easier way to link your page to this page that will save you a step or two. Let's see who can really impress me... Post your "cheat" in the discussion tab for the project page.

Part III: Due Sunday, May 18, 2008.

Add Your Resources

1. Read the "Creating a Bibliography" page carefully. You will be creating an entry for each source that you have chosen. Ask Mrs. S. if you have questions, or post them in the discussion tab on the "Creating a Bibliography" page.
2. Use your bibliography worksheets to create an bibliography entry for each reliable source you have chosen. Write the entry out on paper first to make sure it is correct.
3. After you have handwritten your entries go to your topic page.
4. Click "Edit this Page" button.
5. Type each entry in very carefully. Remember to pay attention to spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. If there are already other sources on your topic page, make sure that the entries are in alphabetical order by the first word in the entry.
6. Click save.
7. Check you work. Make sure the any links that you created takes you to the page for the source that you listed. You're done with Part III.
8. Sign out if you are not going on to Part IV.

Part IV: Due Sunday, May 18, 2008

Adding an Image
Your image can be either a photo or clip art.

1. Find a image (photo or clip art) that will enhance your wikispace.
2. Make sure that you know where you got the image (source name) and if possible the name of the artist who created the image.
3. Save the image to your computer. (Depending on the file name, you may want to rename the file so that it's easier to find.) Remember where you saved it!
4. Go to your topic wikispace.
5. Click the edit this page button.
6. Click on the insert images or file button.
7. Near the bottom of the box you will see the words "Upload New File." Click on "browse" to locate the file on your computer.
8. After you have located the file click on upload.
9. The file will now appear in the file list.
10. Move your cursor to the spot where you'd like the image to be located.
11. Double click on the file that you want to insert.
12. Resize the image if necessary by clicking and dragging on the corner.
13. Add a caption to your image which gives credit to the artist and tells the name of the source. (See the example below.)
Photo by Rob Partington, from
Photo by Rob Partington, from

14. Click save.
15. Check your work and sign out.

Topic List






Leonardo DaVinci


Myron Cope

Pittsburgh History


World War II