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This is the Career Wiki FAQ page. (Frequently Asked Questions)


If you have a question about the Career Wiki Project, look here for the answer. If you do not see your question here, click on edit this page and post your question. I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.: I am confused about how to do the paragraph.

A.: Your paragraph should be a just a short description of your job. You could talk about what types of activities you would do in that job, what type of education you would need, or maybe a little about the salary and benefits associated with your job. I suggest that you type the paragraph in Word (so that you can do a spell check) and then copy it and paste it on to the wiki. Edit the page the same way you did when you added your name and job title

Q.: I don't know which category my job fits under, what should I do?
A: Take a look at the career cluster models. Click on the "pdf" or "word" file for the cluster that you think might be right. Read the list of jobs that go with the cluster. If your job appears on that list, then that is the cluster page where you should list your job.

Q: Is my final grade affected by grammar?
A: Yes...but we'll work on it. It doesn't have to be perfect yet. Grammar is part of the paragraph grade. Remember, you are writing for a global audience! (By the way, spelling counts too!)

Q: I'm confused about the resources list. What kind of resources are you looking for?
A: The two resources that you choose should be resources that someone else could look at to get more information about your specific career. These resources could be books, websites, people, magazines/journals, newspapers, televisions shows, etc. Some ideas for the information these sources provide:
  • schools that offer programs related to your career
  • professional organizations that represent those who already practice in your career area
  • books that tell about how someone in your field got where they are
  • Professional journals/magazines related to your career
  • A podcast of an interview that you did with someone in your career area (Can you say BONUS POINTS?)

I will be looking for resources that are specifically focused on your career. I do not want resources that cover many careers (for example, the occupational outlook handbook) or cover a variety of topics (like encyclopedias.) The Occupational Outlook Handbook entry for your career is a good place to start looking. At the bottom of the page they have resources listed.

Q. How do I format my resources? What type of information should I include?
A: Your resources should be formatted as follows:
  • Resource Name [linked if appropriate]. Author Last Name, Author First Name. Publishing Company. Copyright date. Description.
Click here to see and sample resource list.

Q: What if the career your looking for isn't in any of the career clusters?
A: You will need to discuss this with Mrs. S. or Mrs. K. Come see us in person, or use the discussion tab at the top of this page to post a message.

Q: How do I find a graphic that is not copyright protected?
A. You can use the advanced search in flickr or search the creative commons website. You can also use images which are in the public domain without permission. You can use images which are copyright protected if you can prove that you have asked the owner of the copyright for permission.

Q. My resources were accidentally deleted. How do I get them back?
A. If there have been no other changes to the page, you can go to the history tab and revert to the previous version. If however someone has made other edits and you don't want to delete them, follow this procedure:
1. Go back into the history and find the version where you have the resources listed.
2. Turn off change highlighting (see the blue box at the top of the page.)
3. Copy the text that was deleted.
4. Go to your careers page.
5. Click edit
6. Paste the text where you want it.
7. Save
8. Check your links to make sure they work.