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Welcome to Hopewell Memorial Junior High School's Careers Wiki.
This space is collaborative effort of Mrs. K.'s Language Arts classes. The purpose of this wiki is to provide our students with information and resources for careers within various careers clusters.

The Assignment

35 point total

This assignment must be completed by December 14, 2007. You will recieve 0 points for any part of this assignment not completed by this date.

Bonus Points: Earn 5 bonus points on this project by taking this project survey before December 31st. Your wikispaces user name is required and you must answer all 10 questions.

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Hopewell students, here is your assignment:

Part I: Entering your information

20 points

Click this button for help!

You have already chosen an occupation that you would like to know more about. Choose a career cluster into which you think your chosen occupation would fit. If you're not sure, use this chart or these career cluster models to help you decide.
  1. From the Careers Wiki page, login into wikispaces.
  2. Scroll down to the National Career Clusters (or click on the link in the Table of Contents) and click on the link for you cluster. You will be taken to the wiki page for your career cluster.
  3. Once you are on your cluster page, click on the "Edit this Page" Button.
  4. Enter your first name and period in the "Authors" section. (1pt) Due Tuesday Nov. 13, 2007.
  5. Look over the "Occupations" section.
  6. If no one else has entered your occupation you can create a new entry for it.
  7. Each entry should contain the name of your occupation. (1 pt.) Due Tuesday Nov. 13, 2007.
  8. Each entry should contain a short (1-2 paragraph) description of your occupation. (8 pts.) Due to Mrs. K. on Wednesday, November 14, 2007. Due on the wiki on Friday, November 16, 2007. You will lose one point for each day that your paragraph is late, beginning November 26.
  9. Each entry should contain 2 resources that would help someone learn about your chosen occupation. The resources that you list should include a short description of the resource (1-2 sentences) (2 pts. each) and the correct bibliographic information (3 pts. each.) Each student must contribute two unique resources even if you are collaborating on the entry. (10 pts total for this step.) Resources will need to be posted on the wiki by Sunday, December 9, 2007. You will lose one point for each day that your resources are late, beginning Monday, December 10, 2007. Your resources should be formatted correctly.
    • Resource Name [linked if appropriate]. Author Last Name, Author First Name. Publishing Company. Copyright date. Description. Click here to see the sample cluster page.
  10. If someone has already created an entry for your occupation you may edit the description paragraph if necessary. I strongly suggest that before you edit someone else's work you discuss it using the discussion tab for that page.
  11. Don't forget to save your work!
  12. Log out of wikispaces (especially if you're on a public computer, like one in the library.)

Part II: Formatting your page

10 points

  1. The name of your cluster should by Heading 1.
  2. The words "Authors" and "Occupations" should be Heading 2.
  3. The name of each different occupation should be Heading 3.
  4. Each occupation should have resources section which is titled "{Occupation Name} Resources"
  5. The title for the resources should be in bold.
  6. All of the description text (both your paragraph and your resources) should be normal text
  7. Each cluster page should have a table of contents. (We'll talk about this in class)
  8. Each cluster page should have at least one graphic which is not copyright protected. (We'll talk about this in class)
  9. The authors should be listed in alphabetical order.
  10. Any internet resources should have the name of the source hyperlinked to the website. You should not paste the link directly onto the page. See the example below:

All formatting for each cluster page will need to be completed by Friday December 14, 2007. You will receive 0 points for each formatting item not completed by December 15, 2007.

Part III: Collaboration

5 Points

You are expected to collaborate with the other students in your cluster to complete this project. Collaboration includes participating in discussions to improve the page, editing the cluster page, proofreading, and correcting the grammar and spelling of others on your cluster page. Your collaboration grade is worth 5 points and is evidenced by the discussion and history tabs.
  • You will receive 5 points if you consistently collaborate with others on the cluster page.
  • You will receive 2 points for making at a least a small effort to collaborate.
  • You will receive 0 points if you do not collaborate at all on the cluster page.

Those student who are working on a cluster page by themselves can earn collaboration points by communicating with Mrs. K. and me through the discussion tab, and/or by proofreading and correcting the grammar and spelling of other cluster pages.

Project Documents

Here are documents related to the completion of this project:
  1. Appropriate Use Contract

National Career Clusters

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Architecture and Construction
Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications
Business, Management, and Administration
Education and Training
Government and Public Administration
Health Science
Hospitality and Tourism
Human Services
Information Technology
Law, Public Safety, and Security
Marketing, Sales, and Services
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics