Beaver Regional Group

Bylaws and Procedures Committee

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Committee Members:

L. Ferilla

Riverside High School

B. Shenefiel

Hopewell Memorial Junior High School

K. Jones

Beaver County Libraries

Current Issues


Past Issues (Spring 2007)

Beaver Regional Group Bylaws
The there are three issues which need to be considered by the Bylaws and Procedures Committee at the request of the Board. Please be prepared to make recommendations to the Board at the Beaver Regional Group meeting on April 19, 2007:

1. Article V, Section 6: Director:
  • Please consider a change to the title of "director." Saying that one person is the "Director of the Board of Directors," is awkward. Please consider an alternate title for this position or an alternate title to "Board of Directors." Please do not make changes to this area of the Bylaws until the changes have been approved by the board.

2. Article V, Section 1 (Composition):
The board shall consist of three (3) representatives, one from each membership class: one school, one public, and one academic or special representative.
  • Please make a recommendation to the board regarding special provisions for when a membership class cannot procure adequate candidates for election to the Board. Elections need to be conducted with a slate of at least two candidates so that the membership has the opportunity to make a choice. Ideally, a candidate should not win by default. The academic/special library class has a significantly smaller candidate pool. In our last election for the public library class, there was only one candidate presented to the Board. Does the Committee feel that special provisions should be made if there are no candidates from one type of membership class but interested individuals in another class? Please do not make changes to this area of the Bylaws until the changes have been approved by the board.
3. Accuracy Check:
  • The new electronic format of the Bylaws warrents an accuracy check. Please proofread the bylaws and make changes accordingly. You will need to click on the "Edit this Page" button in the top right hand corner of the Bylaws page.