Beaver Regional Group

Continuing Education/Professional Development Committee

Comittee Responsibilities:

  • Identify training needs
  • Provide orientation for new members
  • Provide and/or coordinate mentoring and extended training
  • Provide centralized and on-site training
  • Plan and/or coordinate meeting and activities for member libraries
  • Identify meeting sites and handle local arrangements

Committee members:

R. Long
B. F. Jones Library
S. Meyer
Central Elementary School (Beaver Falls)
M. Arnett
Beaver Falls Area Senior High School
N. Brandt
Hopewell Senior High School
E. Fairbanks
Independence and Raccoon Elementary Schools (Hopewell)
L. Himber
Patterson Primary School (Blackhawk)
N. Wertz
Beaver Area Middle School - High School

Meeting Notes:

Committee Meeting: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 at Thursday's in Bridgewater, 6:00pm
  • Meeting summary:
    In attendance were J. Barsotti, E. Fairbanks, P. Horter, and B. Shenefiel. We tentatively set the meeting date for the week of April 14, 2008 at the BVIU. After a discussion of the suggested topics, we decided that we would like to follow up on the collaboration session facilitated by K. Jones last year. A suggestion was made to administer the "teen library use survey" created by N. Brandt prior to the spring meeting and go over the survey at the meeting. Building on this collaboration, we would would also like to devote some time to discussing how to promote the summer reading programs at the individuals libraries. It was also suggested that we consider bringing in guest speaker Joyce Valenza to discuss "essential questioning." If Joyce is unavailable we will consider a grantwriting session (LSTA Grants/PHC grants) or the possibility of having a guest author come in.
  • Action Items:
    J. Barsotti: Contact K. Jones about facilitating collaboration follow up session again. Find someone to facilitate Summer Reading Program Collaboration
    E. Fairbanks: Get prices estimates for breakfast/lunch
    P. Horter: Contact BVIU for availibility of dates. If needed located resources to address topics of grantwriting and authors
    B. Shenefiel: Contact Joyce Valenza to see if she will be available to speak. Work out travel logistic with her.

Suggested Topics

Spring 2008 Meeting:
  • CFF Breakout Session: Note*-Correct if I'm wrong but, I finally figured out that this is Classrooms for the Future.
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Power Library Databases
  • Political Agenda
  • Privacy Issues