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Websites 2008 Marchex, Inc.- Alphabetical List of Countries. Includes flag and map.
CIA World Fact Book- 2008 Central Intelligence Agency. Updated periodically throughout the year.
Countries of the World- 2000-2008 InfoPlease. Each country profile provides information on: Geography, Maps, Flag, History, Current ruler, Area, Population, Capital, Largest cities, Languages, Ethnicity/race, Religion, Literacy rate, Economy, Government
Encarta Encyclopedia

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Facts for Learning- Country Profiles


These are availible in our library. Search Destiny to find where they are located.

Cultures of the World Series
Enchantment of the World Series
Atlas of the Seven Continents
Exploring Continents

Reference Sources

World Book's Encyclopedia of Flags.
Don't forget to use encyclopedias, atlases, and the World Almanac.